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We are committed to helping you achieve the level of oral and systemic health that you desire by providing you with the benefit of minimally invasive Holistic Biocompatible dentistry. We do this by helping you achieve your maximum possible dental health, and then assist you in maintaining it. At Academy Laser Dentistry we employ the latest technologies to make your experience a positive one. Dr. Winn is a leader in the field of laser dentistry, minimally invasive techniques, and medically coordinated dentistry. He has not only pioneered techniques that others follow, but he has also traveled the world educating others on the use of lasers in the dental office. Visit us at or call us at 719.260.9000..!!

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"There is usually anxiety associated with any visit to the dentist, especially when extensive work is needed or serious issues are needing to be addressed. For some, as in our case, concerns also include the knowledge that our whole body health is effected by our teeth & gum health, also that procedures and materials used can enhance your health or degrade it. If you are one of those people, you will greatly appreciate the care you will receive from Dr. Winn's office. The entire team has been carefully designed to enhance your entire health picture. That also includes patience, something not found in most profession's today. Dr. Winn takes the time to explain what is going on and answer your questions. The entire team is patient and kind, a visit to them may change how you view coming to the dentist."

Review Verified on 7/26/2012
"A easy way to get your mouth feeling great and looking great!!!!!!!!!!! Their is always a nice fun people to treat you 5out of 5"

Review Verified on 7/10/2012
"After $350,000 spent in Cancer treatment and professional care we feel we can say to you, without reservation, your services and treatment (removal of fillings and practical advice for healthy living) turned the corner to recovery for my wife and also for me! We look forward to a long much needed relationship with you and your staff. I highly recommend your services and care to all. When you first met us we were exhausted and very weak, but thanks to you we are really living now!"
"Everything you did was explained in detail and performed flawlessly. It's so refreshing to meet people who genuinely care about our health! After getting these mercury filling removed, we have never felt exhausted and the weeks that followed have been terrific! We haven't experienced any bad side effects from the removal of the filling. Our energy levels have steadily improved and I was able to jump right back into my business."
"I want to thank you and and your staff for the exceptional and professional care that my wife and I received under your care for the recent dental care you performed. From the first phone call we made to your office to our arrival we were amazed at the caring and the professional service you gave us! The whole staff was attentive, caring, and very upbeat and positive!"
"I appreciated the special care of Dr. Winn and the staff. You are not only professional and talented, but were personable and caring. I also appreciated the good training Vickie gave me on good oral hygiene. I use my hydrofloss regularly. I also like the uplifting CD from Dr. Winn. Your kindnesses are much appreciated, and I will certainly pass your name along to anyone I come across who could benefit from your services! Thanks for the great care from a "Winn-ing" team!"
"I want to thank you for the great care you have given me this past month. My desire was for the removal of dental toxins in a careful, biological way that would allow my immune system to focus on fighting the cancer I'm battling. You and your team moved heaven and earth to get me in quickly. You did your magic and removed a root canal tooth and replaced many old amalgam fillings. You fashioned a new tooth and bridge for me that would not require an implant. Thank you for the extra touches!"
"Recently I had a headache and realized that it was the first headache I have had in roughly 20 years. I quit having the headaches when you aligned my teeth. I have to admit that at the time I thought the alignment was an extravagance that cost way too much money. Today I think it was one of the wisest investments in my health that I ever made. Thank you for all the good care you took of my teeth!"
"My wife and I would like to thank you for all of the dental work you have completed for her. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything to us and answering our questions. along with your great dental team, you went above and beyond to make sure my wife was comfortable and experienced as little pain as possible during her oral surgery. Your attention to detail and excellent work surpasses that of other dentists and that is why all of our family has been coming to you for their dental needs over the years. We trust you and will continue to recommend you to others in the community. We appreciate all of your hard work! Thank you!"
"We would like to thank you for your care and concern in our dental health. We appreciate all your work in preparing a treatment plan and consulting with us so we will obtain the very best plan for our needs. The way your policy is outlined and the discussion you hold give dignity to each person so that we feel like a partner in our care! We love everyone in your office and appreciate all the hard work put forth on their part. We feel well cared for and know you have a wonderful team! we look forward to the rest of your care for us and look forward to sending you many more clients too! Thanks for everything."
"Just a short note to say thanks for the EXCELLENT service today. It started with a friendly greeting, continued with the necessary insurance questions. Proceeded to a pain free cleaning, and ended with completed insurance paperwork that I can mail off. All in all, a most exceptional team effort! If all organizations operated like this, I am certain that your office staff would find a way to exceed your own high standards. Thanks again for a job well done!!"
"Thank you and all the staff for providing such excellent service! It was a huge success. My friends at the Sands Dental Clinic at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center are excited! I am not sure what to do about our previous dentist and the lack of quality of their work which is some the cause of the cavities before. Thank you again!"
"I've had checkups every year through the military for the last 10 years or more, and they always said "everything looks fine, come back again next year." When I found out I had to have several cavities replaces and three crowns done, I wondered how close they were looking. Things have really changed since I had anything more than a cleaning done. Even the cleanings are way different at Dr. Winn's. Instead of the jabbing, scraping, blood drawing experience I was used to, the state of the art equipment made for a little humming, some buffing, and it was done! The same goes for the other work. The techniques and equipment used by the staff at Academy Laser Dentistry made for very little discomfort. The hardest part for me during all the work was just holding my mouth open wide for long periods. The thing I liked best was the staff's attention to detail and concern with quality. They all made sure the job they were doing was done right. They too their time when fitting crowns to make sure they fit just right with the other teeth. Unlike some friends of mine who had work done elsewhere, after several months, none of my crowns have come off and I have forgotten that I even have them. Thanks and keep up the good work."
"I want to thank you for the excellent dental care I received in January, and in the months before that. I didn't know what to expect when I came in, but you made me feel so comfortable from the very first day. Oh! and I love my new teeth! My crowns look natural now and my smile has greatly improved. Thanks so much! And it was all so painless! Everyone in your office was always pleasant to work with!"
"Thanks again to everyone for all your caring and concern. Please tell Dr. Winn I think he is the best. I really appreciate his taking extra special care of me!"
"Although I was skeptical at first, I'm glad I had my bite adjusted. Severe pain in my jaw radiated down my neck for years. After several visits, you worked your magic and the chronic pain that was torturing me was gone. The solution was so simple: reduce the high spots on teeth that throw the bite and this the jaw out of position and let the jaw return to its natural position. I find it strange I was willing to put up with such agony and so willing to postpone treatment for so long, thinking either no remedy really existed, or maybe it was all in my mind, or maybe I had a dreaded disease I didn't want to find out about. Thanks for having the knowledge and the skill to diagnose and correct the problem. I feel free, free of pain and free to enjoy life a little deeper."
"great dentist, I would not go anywhere else Dr. Winn Is great. My initial consultation was so pleasant. The fact that he use's lasers and doesn't have to poke and scrape at my teeth is so comforting. I can actually relax and look forward to my first cleaning. He is definitely not what you would expect from a dentist if you have had past experiences. I will not go anywhere else. His Goal is to Keep me out of the chair."
"In this man's chair, there is no doubt he has made his life a mission to improve dental health for anyone, no matter their circumstances, yet he is very pleasant and caring. I have serious denta-phobia, but in his office, they understand. This expert is worth the money!"
"Extraordinary Dentistry Dr. Winn is absolutely the leader in his field of laser dentistry and top of the line dental techniques in the Colorado Springs area. My consultation was thorough and he explained all of the dental procedures that he recommended for my treatment plan. He explained the cosmetic solutions he had as well as clarifying for me the need and use for implants. I highly recommend him as a dentist who specializes in keeping up with all of the latest technology in order to deliver superior results."
Reviews 43 - 61 of 61

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